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Crushed Concrete

crushed concrete

crushed concrete

Harris Grab Services supplies crushed stone to commercial and domestic building and landscaping projects in the Sussex region.  

The grab trucks used by our delivery team can carry a full load of 17 tonnes of crushed concrete at once. 

This makes our concrete aggregate supply service ideal for industrial-scale developments requiring the quick delivery of very large volumes of concrete.  

We’re located in Shoreham, West Sussex but will deliver in the wider Sussex area and beyond. We are extremely versatile and if necessary, we will arrange a concrete aggregate delivery early in the morning or late in the evening to fit around the timetable of your project.   

With over a decade of experience in the procurement and distribution aggregates sector, we have developed a strong reputation with many local building firms who are now using us regularly for their concrete deliveries. Such collaborations are so effective that much of our new work comes through word-of-mouth reviews.

Crushed Concrete

How is crushed concrete made?

how is it made?

Crushed concrete consists of asphalt waste from other building projects that can be reused for constructing driveways, sidewalks, garden beds and more.   

Once any concrete structure has been demolished, the concrete is normally deposited in a landfill. Concrete does not decompose, so it remains there, taking up space and creating issues with the ecosystem. At the same time, fresh concrete is produced to start the cycle again. Luckily, Harris Grab Services provides an alternative: recycled concrete!  

Using recycled concrete helps to reduce landfill waste and prevents the environmental damage caused by producing fresh concrete.  

The concrete may be broken down to different sizes, washed to remove harmful contaminants from the mixture, and recycled for a variety of building and landscaping tasks.

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What is the process of delivering crushed concrete?

Our grab trucks can hold up to 17 tonnes of aggregates in a single load. We currently have two trucks available to make deliveries across Sussex so if needed we could deliver approximately 34 tonnes of crushed concrete in a single trip. We also operate a muck away service, meaning we can clear debris from your site at the same time as delivering crushed concrete or other aggregates. Speak to one of our team today to learn more about combined prices for delivery and muck away services.

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Crushed concrete for driveways

Crushed concrete can be reused as a construction material to build beautiful landscaping walkways outside your home or business. To ensure your walkway looks as uniform as possible, make sure the crushed concrete pieces are all from one supplier. It will also make it easier to shape them into your desired form, as they will all be similar in size. Also, the use of standardised pieces can prevent rainwater from infiltrating the path and causing harmful runoff.


Our Clients

Been using Harris Grab Services for a while now, can't recommend them enough, always punctual and leave the site very tidy.
Ian Harris


Top team, excellent service - would highly recommend.
Olly Wheatley


We have experienced a great service over the last couple of weeks, Harris Grab Services provided such a quick service to ensure they could meet our needs, we are very grateful. Highly recommended!
Alex Eaton


Highly recommend - A* service, very reliable.
Michael Greenfield


Obtained a quote via a recommendation and found the service prompt, efficient, clean and great value for money. Highly recommend so give them a go.
Dean Haysom


Fantastic service. Always quick to respond and deliver the best service in town!
Abbie Burden


Lovely team of guys, always helpful and friendly and nothing is too much trouble.
Stuart Gadsdon


I text Harris Grab on the Sunday evening to see if I could get a load of muck away. They were there 9 o'clock the next morning! Would highly recommend Harris Grab Services.
Adam Folan


Harris Grab Services were very helpful and friendly, provided reliable service. They always get the job done - can bring in Aggregates and take muck away in one go, which I find very useful.
Vincent Camilleri


frequently asked questions


Crushed concrete is a recycled aggregate made up of chunks of concrete. It is normally made as a by-product of the demolition of other concrete structures and can be utilised in a variety of ways across the construction industry.

Crushed concrete can be utilised in a variety of construction projects, both commercial and domestic. It is often used as a general filling material as well as visibly in the construction of driveways or retaining walls.

While the total area covered depends on the size of the chunks of crushed concrete and the resulting voids, as a general rule of thumb, if we assume that the concrete will be 6” deep, a tonne of crushed concrete would easily cover an area of 30 square feet.

Yes, crushed concrete is an excellent and economical material to use in the construction of driveways. For the most aesthetically pleasing results, make sure the crushed concrete pieces are roughly the same size, this is often the case if your concrete is delivered from a single supplier.

Over 80% of our deliveries are completed within 24 hours of ordering – with some deliveries significantly quicker if we already have the correct amount of crushed concrete to hand.

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