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MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1

Harris Grab Services provide a professional MOT Type 1 delivery service across the wider Sussex area. We deliver MOT Type 1 Sub Base to both commercial and domestic construction projects using our fleet of 8-wheel grab trucks. 

Our prices for MOT Type 1 delivery start from £30 per tonne and our trucks can carry up to 17 tonnes of MOT Type 1 in a single load. If you are unsure what quantity of MOT Type 1 you require, feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your project and help you calculate the amount you require. 

So, if you’re in the Sussex area and looking for a first-class MOT Type 1 delivery service near you, look no farther than Harris Grab Services. 

Pile of MOT Type 1

What is MOT Type 1?

MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1 consists of pieces of granite, crushed concrete or limestone which has been broken down into small, uneven pieces. Each chunk of MOT stone contained in a Mot Type 1 bulk bag ranges in size from 40mm at the largest down to size of a grain of sand. This mixture of different sized chunks makes MOT Type 1 easily compressed and increases its load bearing abilities due to the minimal voids in the material. MOT Type 1 is often used with a sand blinding. 

In order to be classed as MOT Type 1 (also known as DOT Type 1it must meet the Type 1 quality specifications (known as Clause 803) laid out by the Ministry of Transport. This designates it as the minimum quality material to be used for the construction of roads and motorways in the UK. 

Harris Grab Services provide MOT Type 1 in 1 tonne increments (actual weight may vary depending on moisture content) 

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Technical Specifications of MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1’s specifications are laid out in clause 803 of the UK government’s specifications for highways works. It is non-frost susceptible and is constructed of stone chunks. The maximum size of each piece is regulated at 63mm but the industry standard is a 40mm maximum. The pieces of stone in an MOT Type 1 bag range in size from 40mm to a grain of sand. It is supplied by the tonne for use in construction.


Our Clients

Been using Harris Grab Services for a while now, can't recommend them enough, always punctual and leave the site very tidy.
Ian Harris


Top team, excellent service - would highly recommend.
Olly Wheatley


We have experienced a great service over the last couple of weeks, Harris Grab Services provided such a quick service to ensure they could meet our needs, we are very grateful. Highly recommended!
Alex Eaton


Highly recommend - A* service, very reliable.
Michael Greenfield


Obtained a quote via a recommendation and found the service prompt, efficient, clean and great value for money. Highly recommend so give them a go.
Dean Haysom


Fantastic service. Always quick to respond and deliver the best service in town!
Abbie Burden


Lovely team of guys, always helpful and friendly and nothing is too much trouble.
Stuart Gadsdon


I text Harris Grab on the Sunday evening to see if I could get a load of muck away. They were there 9 o'clock the next morning! Would highly recommend Harris Grab Services.
Adam Folan


Harris Grab Services were very helpful and friendly, provided reliable service. They always get the job done - can bring in Aggregates and take muck away in one go, which I find very useful.
Vincent Camilleri


frequently asked questions


The “MOT” in MOT Type 1 is short for Ministry of Transport. The regulations for the quality of MOT Type 1 are laid out in the Highway Agency’s Specification for Highway Works, Clause 803MOT Type 1 must be crushed and provide a stable sub base for road surfaces. 

MOT Type 1 is used to create a sub base on which can act as the foundation for a variety of building projects, including the construction of roads and motorways and the laying of patios and driveways. It can also be used as a general filling product.

Like MOT Type 1, MOT Type 2 contains a variety of crushed of granular stones of varying sizes. However, MOT Type 2 contains a higher percentage of dust and less angular stones. 

Unlike MOT Type 1, Type 2 has no specific grading requirements, it is therefore best used in domestic projects such as driveways and patios.

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