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Harris Grab Services provides experienced topsoil delivery throughout the Sussex region as part of our aggregate delivery service. Utilising our 8-wheel grab truck fleet, we supply topsoil for both commercial and domestic building projects.  

Our trucks are capable of transporting up to 17 tonnes of soil in a single trip.  If you’re unsure what amount of soil you need, feel free to contact us and we’ll be able to discuss your project and help you estimate the quantity you require. 

Choose Harris Grab Services if you are in the Sussex region and are searching for a first-class topsoil delivery service near you.


What is topsoil?


The upper layer of soil, which is nutrient rich and has a high degree of organic matter is known as Topsoil. 

It is produced over thousands of years by the gradual weathering of rocks and the rotting away of organic matter. 

Many properties have poor quality soil due to the soil having been stripped away or contaminated during the building process. This is a particularly notable problem in new builds. By replacing or covering the top layer of soil with nutrient-rich topsoil one can improve the overall nutrient balance of an area.

Good quality topsoil should always meet standards set out by British Standards 3882:2007BS 3882 soil is also known as “screened topsoil” which refers to the process of sifting/screening the soil to remove rocks, clumps and other matter to give a smoother, more even consistency to the soil. 

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What is Topsoil Used For?

Topsoil is often used to replace or cover the existing soil in a property. In properties without any natural soil (such as those with a courtyard), topsoil can be used to construct flower gardens, raised flower beds or borders around a path.

When planting trees or flowers, replacing the existing soil with topsoil will normally result in the vegetation growing quicker and more successfully.

Types of Topsoil

Types of Topsoil





Blended Topsoil

Landscaping, Soil Improvement, Levelling, Divot Repair, Lawn Patching, Grass-Seeding


Fine Compost

Fertiliser, Soil Acidity, Ease Soil Compaction, Drainage, Moisture Retention


Mushroom Compost

Fertiliser, Soil Conditioning, Soil Improvement, Mulching, Growing Vegetables


Mulching Compost

Fertiliser, Mulching, Sub Soil


Woodland Mulch



Pine Bark

Landscaping, Decorative Planting, Pathways, Play Areas



Biomass Fuel


Firewood Logs



Our Clients

Been using Harris Grab Services for a while now, can't recommend them enough, always punctual and leave the site very tidy.
Ian Harris


Top team, excellent service - would highly recommend.
Olly Wheatley


We have experienced a great service over the last couple of weeks, Harris Grab Services provided such a quick service to ensure they could meet our needs, we are very grateful. Highly recommended!
Alex Eaton


Highly recommend - A* service, very reliable.
Michael Greenfield


Obtained a quote via a recommendation and found the service prompt, efficient, clean and great value for money. Highly recommend so give them a go.
Dean Haysom


Fantastic service. Always quick to respond and deliver the best service in town!
Abbie Burden


Lovely team of guys, always helpful and friendly and nothing is too much trouble.
Stuart Gadsdon


I text Harris Grab on the Sunday evening to see if I could get a load of muck away. They were there 9 o'clock the next morning! Would highly recommend Harris Grab Services.
Adam Folan


Harris Grab Services were very helpful and friendly, provided reliable service. They always get the job done - can bring in Aggregates and take muck away in one go, which I find very useful.
Vincent Camilleri


frequently asked questions


Topsoil is the upper layer of soil which is rich in nutrients and organic matter. It is generally of much higher quality than the soil in most properties’ gardens.

Topsoil is used to replace or augment existing soil with a nutrient-rich alternative to improve overall soil quality. It can also be used in the construction of flower beds and borders.

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